Defeat DIPG and ChadTough Award Two New Fellowship Grants for DIPG Research

Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation and The ChadTough Foundation, with their chapters and partner families, are funding two new Fellowships through their grant program, with a total new commitment of $300,000 over two years. The Defeat DIPG ChadTough Fellowships are designed to encourage outstanding scientists to choose a career involving DIPG research, by funding outstanding postdoctoral fellows under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

In the past three years, Defeat DIPG and ChadTough have awarded ten Fellowships. The two new Fellowship grants are:

Tara Barron, PhD (Stanford University) (mentor: Michelle Monje-Deisseroth, MD PhD) – Targeting the electrophysiological response to GABA in DIPG through neurological and neuropsychiatric drug repurposing.

Marc Garcia Moure (Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Spain) (mentor: Marta M. Alonso Roldan) – Viroimmunotherapeutic strategies to heat up DIPG microenvironment. A comprehensive approach to unleash anti-tumor immune response.

These grants mark the latest Defeat DIPG ChadTough grant program investments in innovative DIPG research projects, bringing the total DIPG research funding through the grant program to over $6.4 million since 2017. All research funded through the Defeat DIPG ChadTough grant program is reviewed by their preeminent Scentific Advisory Council, to ensure funds are being used for the most promising research studies. Defeat DIPG ChadTough New Investigator and Research grants announcements are expected in Spring 2021.

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